General information

TopForma Plastic Surgery primarily specialized in aesthetic surgery. Our main profile is breast surgery. Our establishment has significant experience in male breast correction as well.


Cosmetic surgery procedures at our clinic

Although our clinic's license covers the full spectrum of plastic surgery, reconstructive surgeries, as they are not financed by social security, are less frequent. So far our operation almost covers the entire range of cosmetic surgery. From the outset, the main profile of TopForma Plastic Surgery is cosmetic breast surgery: breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, and – last but not least - the correction of asymmetries. Thanks to our experience gained in this area we have enjoyed the confidence of a large number of patients. Male breast surgery (the treatment of gynecomastia) is also common at our clinic. As further activities, tummy tuck surgery, liposuction and minor interventions such as ear correction surgery, eyelid surgery, mole- and scar removal, wrinkle treatment, lip augmentation, etc. are worth mentioning.

Plastic surgery:

  • Reconstructive interventions

    That aim to get rid of functional differences because of accidents or birth defects.

  • Esthetic interventions

    That aim to reach the „ideal” size of different body parts or preserve youthfullness.

How can the plastic surgeon help?

  • The plastic surgeon aims to restore the balance of the soul as well as to change the body. This is the reason why it is essential for the surgeon to get a whole picture of the patient’s expectations prior to surgery. At TopForma Plastic Surgery while performing surgeries we are working on making your dreams come true and giving you the look you have always wanted.
breast surgery
  • At our consultations we provide you with all the necessary information so that you can make a decision concerning the surgery.
  • We inform you about the procedure of the surgery, the healing process and give you advice how to make the recovery fast and problem free.
  • You will get your self confidence back: with the help of the plastic surgeon you can be the person who you want to be. Either after a reconstructive or an aesthetic surgery you will return to your everyday life with more confidence.

The plastic surgeon

  • TopForma Plastic Surgery is a one-surgeon establishment which is founded on Dr. Zsolt Toperczer’s work so the patient always knows who s/he is in contact with. The personal relationship between doctor and patient exists from the first moment. The patient does not have to get through various „filters” such as assistants or „convincers” before meeting the surgeon. The indirect contact remains during the surgery and the healing process as well. According to the experience, after surgery, patients often turn to their plastic surgeon with other kinds of problems too. This is the kind of confidence between patient and surgeon that means more than anything . Due to the fact that you always contact the professional surgeon who will perform your surgery,you are provided the perfect information.

Consultations are free!


Further advantage of the indirect doctor-patient communication is that you can ask your questions any time.

Not only the personal contact but the doctor’s qualifications are very important.