Breast asymmetry

In most cases breast asymmetry correction is difficult since not only the sizes but also positions,nipple heights and breast shapes are different. accordingly, surgery rarely result in perfect symmetry.


Correction may be performed

  • with the combination of breast lift and the reduction of the other side (in the picture fresh scars that vanish later on)
  • one-side implant
  • It is possible to use different sizes of implants, too

The cost of cosmetic breast surgery

The price of breast surgeries varies considerably due to their diversity. The decisive factors are the duration and labour-intensity of the surgery, the cost of the material and the implants, and the type of the anaesthesia. For prices click here.

Type of surgery min. (€) max. (€)
Breast surgery (without implant ) 2500.- 3000.-
Breast augmentation (with implant) 3500.- 4000.-