Who is breast lifting recommended to ?

Breast lifting is performed when there is „enough material „ and no implants are needed. The connective tissues are expanded. Depending ont he deformity the size of the breasts we consider different types of operations. We aim to make the smallest cuts possible.

It is important to mention that scars remain after all surgeries but their width depend on their locationand the stiches made by the plastic surgeon.


What kind of procedures are used?

Referring to breast lifting, in optimal cases the scar is visible only around the areola. Unfortunately,this type of operation cannot be used very often.

The next type is the so-called vertical breast lifting. In this case there is not only the scar around the areola but another vertical one as well.

The most often performed operation makes a so-called „turned-down T” scar: it includes the above mentioned scars and another thwart scar which is hidden in the inframammary fold, almost invisible.


Procedure of breast lifting

  • Some breast surgeries are performed in local anaesthesia,some require epidural or general anaesthesia. when chosing the type of anaesthesia we consider the patient’s demand as well. We take pictures prior to surgery then we sign the planned cuts on the skin. After anaesthesia we perform the surgery, cut out the unnecessary skin,remodel the breasts and sew the skin with „invisible” suture. We put a bandage on te wound and fix the breasts with a tight sport bra. After the observation period (1 hour-1 day depending on the type of anaesthesia) the patient may return home with a companion. Sutures are removed approximately 1 week after surgery.

Pain during surgery

There is no pain during surgery except for some slight needle sticks in when local anaesthesia is used.

Risks of breast lifting, possible complications:

As all surgeries, breast lifting may have some risks which are minimalized thaks to very careful preparations. Details of personal risks are discussed prior to surgery.

Post-operation period:

After surgery pain may appear which is treated with pain killers that we provide our patients. Suture removal causes no pain at all.

During post-op period it is necessary to wear elastic bandage or sports bra the latter of which is advisable to wear permanently. Until suture removal the bandage and the wound should be kept dry.

The formation of the „final” shape of the breast takes several months. Scars start to disappear in a few months and this process takes approximately one year. Most of the cases, scars are almost invisible after 3 months but very rarely they are „active” even 1 year after intervention. It is not possible to predict the healing process but it may be similar to those of previous wounds.

The cost of cosmetic breast surgery

The price of breast surgeries varies considerably due to their diversity. The decisive factors are the duration and labour-intensity of the surgery, the cost of the material and the implants, and the type of the anaesthesia. For prices click here.

Type of surgery min. (€) max. (€)
Breast surgery (without implant ) 2500.- 3000.-
Breast augmentation (with implant) 3500.- 4000.-