Who needs breast augmentation?

Basically there are two groups of patients: Those to whom Nature was mean.

The other group consists of those women who originally had appropriate breast size but due to pregnancy,breast feeding or abnormal weight loss their breasts became smaller and drooping.

There is a third group of women who turn to the plastic surgeon. Their inability to make contats are not caused by their real or unreal physical shortcoming. It is vital to realize it since in these cases plastic surgery is not the solution to the problems.


Silicone implants( breast implants):


Standard, high, extre high and drop-shaped breast implants from side view.


Implants are necessary tools of breast augmentation today. It is a silicone „bag” filled with saline solution or silicone gel. At modern clinics implants filled with cohesive gel are used. They do not leak and if the „bag” happens to be damaged they do not spread in the body. Concerning its texture and feel it is the closest to human breast tissue. The bag itself is flexible,resistant and doen not react to its environment. Before we used smooth-surface implants,nowadays those of more textured ones are imlplanted. We differenciate drop-shaped and the so-called anathomy implants. We recommend smaller implants to the patients who would like more natural breasts and bigger implants to those who are for high-contrast. Anathomy and the conscience of the plastic surgeon limit the breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation techniques

  • Since the implant is flexible it is possible to place it to the final place through a small (4-5 cm)skin incision. First an implant pocket is created among the tissues. The implants may be placed in in several different ways. In order to unerstand them one has to know the female chest layers from the outside to the inside:
  • Skin is the outmost layer under itt here is the mammary gland the pleura and the pectoral muscle.Under these there are bones (ribs) and muscles. Accordingly,the implants can be inserted to the following places
  • Right under the mammary gland. This is the solution when the patient’s breast is drooping but breast lifting is not needed. In this case the implant is covered with the drooping skin making the breast tight. The disadvantage of the intervention is that wearing bras is recommended to avoid drooping.
  • mplants may be placed under the pectoral muscles.Its advantage is that the contour of the implants are almost invisible and risk of drooping is low. Its disadvantage is that this method is only applicable for small,tight breasts
  • The third possibility is the combination of the above mentioned methods. ( Dual plane technique)The upper part of the implant is placed under the muscle and the lower part under the gland. This method has several advantages but cannot be used for every patient.
  • The fourth breast augmentation technique is called "subfascialis" when the implant pocket is created between the pleura and the muscle. Its disadvantages are heavy bleeding, difficult preparation and lack of fascia.
  • Breast lift is performed simulteneously with breast augmentation ,if needed.

Scars in breast augmentation

Incision can be made under the breast line,around the nipple, through the nipple or in the armpit. The incision under the breast line heals nicely and later it becomes almost invisible. This is where the implant can be placed most precisely. Incisions around the nipple are used when it is necessary to correct the size or place of one or both nipples.


Breast augmentation does not always require general anaesthesia. It can be performed under local anaesthesia as a day case surgery. It means that the patient may leave the clinic on the day of the surgery. Nevertheless, according to our patients demand, surgeries are performed under general or epidural anaesthesia after which it is necessary to spend a night at the clinic.

Dangers of silicone implants and other complications

Based on the results of decades of scientific studies and our present understandig, silicone implants do not risk health. Despite all this for patiens undergoing breast augmentation annual check-ups are recommended in order to recognize any possible damages in the implants. ( At TopForma Plastic Surgery annual physical check-ups are free.)

Surgical complications are rare and similar to those of other interventions. Number of risks can be minimalized by proper consultation,examination and medicine.


Special complication of breast augmentation may be the „ capsular contracture” which is caused by the constriction of the case formed around the implant. It not only spoils the esthetic result but later may hurt.Though it cannot be totally avoided, the modern surgery techniques and implants significantly reduce the risk. In most cases capsular contracture is solved by means of surgery.

The cost of cosmetic breast surgery

The price of breast surgeries varies considerably due to their diversity. The decisive factors are the duration and labour-intensity of the surgery, the cost of the material and the implants, and the type of the anaesthesia. For prices click here.

Type of surgery min. (€) max. (€)
Breast surgery (without implant ) 2500.- 3000.-
Breast augmentation (with implant) 3500.- 4000.-