Topforma Institution



Although our clinic's license covers the full spectrum of plastic surgery, reconstructive surgeries, as they are not financed by social security, are less frequent. So far our operation almost covers the entire range of cosmetic surgery. From the outset, the main profile of TopForma Plastic Surgery is cosmetic breast surgery: breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, and – last but not least - the correction of asymmetries. Thanks to our experience gained in this area we have enjoyed the confidence of a large number of patients. Male breast surgery (the treatment of gynecomastia) is also common at our clinic. As further activities, tummy tuck surgery, liposuction and minor interventions such as ear correction surgery, eyelid surgery, mole- and scar removal, wrinkle treatment, lip augmentation, etc. are worth mentioning.

TopForma Plastic Surgery:

TopForma Plastic Surgery primarily specialized in aesthetic surgery. Our main profile is breast surgery within which the most popular ones are breast augmentation, breast lifting, female breast reduction and breat asymmetry correction. Our establishment has significant experience in male breast correction as well.

Our Philosophy

Our surgery is elegant but the real emphasis is on patient-doctor communication and perfectly performed surgeries. Our aims are not the quick surgeries but the excellent results. We believe in the importance of using the most up-to date equipment and providing the most sterile circumstances.

We think post-surgery treatment is very important and it is a part of plastic surgery. The treatment does not end with suture removal; we offer our patients free regular check-ups.