Male breast surgery

Correction of male breast prominence

The demand for male breast correction has been growing lately. The reason for this is partly the increasing demand of men for the perfect body and partly the pathological breast enlargement which is increasingly common (feminine breast = gynecomastia).

What does the feminine male breast consist of?

Similarly to the female breast, it consists of two components namely glandular tissue and adipose tissue. In general. These two cannot be distinguished from each other. In case of a real gynecomastia, breast prominence is generally due to hypertrophy of glandular tissues, while pseudogynecomastia means that breast prominence is due solely to excessive adipose or to obesity.


What causes gynecomastia?

  • It can have all sorts of causes. As it is well-known, the male body also produces female hormones but the proportion of these is mostly small. Due to different impacts, the hormonal balance can change, the decomposition of female hormones decreases, their production increases, which stimulates the breast tissues to proliferate. It can happen to a healthy person too, e.g. to newborn or adolescent children. Some illnesses (liver diseases, hormonal imbalances) or medicines (e.g. anabolic steroids, diuretics, narcotics, etc.) may trigger it as well.

What to do?

  • It depends on the root cause. If an underlying illness can be ruled out or cannot be influenced, a surgery is recommended.

What kind of surgical operations can be considered?

  • If it is mainly a hypertrophy of fat tissues, liposuction may be enough. Unfortunately, in most cases the gland needs to be removed as well. A semi-circular incision is to be made on the skin, generally by the lower edge of the areola, because later its scar will be less noticeable. In extreme cases, gynecomastia is of such a degree that besides the gland the considerable excess skin has to be removed as well. Such an operation is really similar to female breast reduction surgeries.

What does a male breast surgery involve?

If the patient agrees to undergo local anaesthesia, the surgery generally can be carried out as an outpatient treatment. After the intervention, we apply a pressure bandage, and leave a small drain tube in the wound for some days. If the surgery was carried out under general anaesthesia, it is recommended to spend one night at the clinic. Stitches are usually removed after 8 to 10 days. Before removal of stitches, any contact with water is to be avoided. For optimal results, we recommend wearing compression clothes, which is similar to a tight vest. This can be removed after 4 weeks.

Before and after


Type of surgery min. (€) max. (€)
Male breast correction 750.- 2500.-

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