Type of surgery min. max.
Breast surgery (without implant ) 550 eFt 750 eFt
Breast augmentation (with implant) 750 eFt 950 eFT
Male breast correction 300 eFt 700 eFt
Abdominoplasty 350 eFt 650 eFt
Ear surgery 210 eFt 240 eFt
Eyelid surgery (upper eyelids) 180 eFt 210 eFt
Eyelid surgery (lower eyelids) 210 eFt 240 eFt
Eyelid surgery (upper-lower) 350 eFt 400 eFt
Liposuction (small area) 180 eFt 300 eFt
Liposuction (big area, anaesthesia) 500 eFt 650 eFt
Mole removal (first) 30 eFt 35 eFt
Mole removal (further) 10 eFT 15 eFT
Histologic analysis each 7 eFt 8 eFt
Lip filling with hyaluron acid (1 ml) 70 eFt 80 eFt
Wrinkle filling (absorbing) (1 ml) 70 eFt 110 eFt

These prices apply to patients not having Hungarian Social Security background. They include the price of anaesthesia and check-ups as well.

We also perform operations financed by some healthcare services.

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Considerations about the plastic surgery prices:

Social security makes a distinction between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery (see While the former is financed under certain circumstances in the contracted institutions (mostly hospitals), the latter must be paid from the patient’s own pocket. These types of surgeries are mainly performed in private clinics. The price of the surgery is set by the clinic based on the following criteria:

  • paying the significant investment costs (rent in the case of leasing an operating theater)
  • the cost of the staff (up to 4-6 people could be directly involved in the surgery, others operate the clinic)
  • plastic surgeon’s royalty payment (for several decades of learning, the cost of training abroad)
  • costs of material (implants, disposable materials, etc.)
  • liability insurance

All of these costs must be financed from the surgical fee. The significant price differences between various clinics are generally due to different operational costs. Our plastic surgery is based on long-term return on investments, in order to keep our prices competitive.