Type of breast surgery:


In case the breasts are saggy, drooping but their size is satisfactory, breast uplift (*) is required, which is performed using local or general anaesthesia. Breast uplift means remodelling the patient’s own breast tissue, stabilising it with internal absorbable sutures, removing the excess skin and, finally, closing the wound with surgical sutures. The disadvantage of this technique is that it leaves a more or less visible scar while its advantage is that no foreign material remains in the body.


If the breast is too small, breast augmentation surgery is recommended for which silicone implants (breast implants) are used. The procedure of breast augmentation surgery is the following: a skin incision is made either under the breast line, around the nipple, or in the armpit. Then an implant pocket (of appropriate size) is created where the implant is inserted, and finally the wound is closed in layers. The scars in breast augmentation surgery are relatively small, usually a small incision (4-5 cm in size) is needed for a much larger but flexible breast implant. Sometimes this surgical solution is chosen when the droopiness of the breasts is moderate, since with the implants firm, well-shaped breasts can be achieved without major scars

Combined surgery

To treat breast atrophy (breast shrinkage), which commonly occurs after pregnancy and breastfeeding, a combination of both interventions mentioned above (combined breast surgery: breast augmentation and breast uplift – see here- is often necessary. It can be a two-stage surgery, in which first breast uplift is carried out, and after a certain period of time the implant is inserted. Although this solution is simpler and easier to plan at our Clinic, taking our patients’ preferences into consideration, we aim for the entire aesthetic restoration of the breasts in a single session. In this case, the implant is also inserted using the same incision which is required for breast uplift.


Too large breasts can also cause problems: back pain, dermatitis, fungal infection or simply aesthetic disadvantage. In these cases, breast surgery means breast reduction.


If breasts are different in size or shape, breast asymmetry correction may help. With this technique either the larger breast is adjusted to the smaller one or the smaller breast is enlarged using one or the combination of the above procedures.

Tuberous breasts

Another breast deformity is the so-called "tuberous breasts" (or tubular breasts). In this case, the breast surgery does not necessarily change the size of the breasts, only their shape is corrected with a special technique, which normally only results in a circular scar around the areola. Other times it is combined with breast augmentation.

Who needs breast surgery?

  • Women who have any of the problems described above. Of course, these differences may be of various degrees, and it is also decisive how serious these problems are considered by each patient.
  • At TopForma Plastic Surgery we strive to perform surgery only in those cases that are justified from a medical point of view.
  • It is generally accepted that cosmetic breast surgery is not performed on patients under 18.
  • In many cases the condition for a successful career is eliminating aesthetic drawbacks and restoring confidence. That is why today many women in her 20s or 30s choose cosmetic surgery.
  • Another large group include women who would like to have the original shape and size of their breasts changed by pregnancy and lactation restored. For them, cosmetic breast surgery can bring a solution.

What does cosmetic breast surgery involve?


At the first consultation the patient tells her ideas to the plastic surgeon who then performs a breast examination. After that the options are discussed and the date of the surgery is set. It is later followed by a general examination. On the day of the surgery only some forms must be filled out before the beauty session begins.

Cosmetic breast surgery is performed either under local anaesthesia, light sedation, spinal anaesthesia or general anaesthesia, depending on the type of surgery and the patient's wishes. Following the operation, which may last for 1.5 to 3-4 hours, patients are provided with a special post-surgical bra. After the observation period, which may last for a few hours up to 24 hours, patients can leave the hospital. A few days after the breast surgery some pain may be experienced. The ethic of the TopForma Plastic Surgery is that the surgeon can be reached by phone at any time. The scheduled check-ups are days 2, 3 and 14 after the surgery (when stitches are removed), and at 6 weeks. Important: the wound must be kept dry until stitches are removed. It is necessary to avoid strenuous exercise and wear a special bra for six weeks after the operation.

The results of breast surgery

Due to the the variety of breast augmentation surgeries, the result may also vary accordingly. Generally speaking, the postoperative period is characterized by the so-called “over correction”, which makes the breasts look extremely high. At this point, wounds will be quite sore, and the scar lines, which are barely visible when the stitches are removed, may also be temporarily prominent in the next period. During the next few months the breasts will settle and reach their “correct level” and the scars begin to fade. The final status of the scars largely depends on the healing process (different in each patient) and the tightness of the tissues.


The durability of breast surgery

  • The durability of the result also varies in each patient. It is influenced by the strength of their connective tissues, the effect of gravity, the position of the inserted implant and weight fluctuations. Ideally, the good aesthetic result can last through the life span of the breast implant (10-15 years). Although pregnancy and breastfeeding mostly have a negative impact on it, after the period of breastfeeding a small correction will often suffice.

Patient care after breast surgery

It is necessary, especially in the case of those who have also had implants inserted. The state and situation of the implants should be examined physically and with ultrasound every year.

Prices of Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Type of surgery min. (€) max. (€)
Breast surgery (without implant ) 2500.- 3000.-
Breast augmentation (with implant) 3500.- 4000.-

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