Eyelid surgery

The indications of eyelid surgery

Often eyelids show the first signs of aging: the skin of the upper eyelid becomes loose, “drooping”. In milder cases it only causes aesthetic problems, e.g. “tired gaze”, while in severe cases the drooping eyelids seem to hang over the eyelashes and interfere with vision. In this case, the patient is able to open his eyes sufficiently only if s/he browses (surprised face). In other cases patients have to tilt their head backwards to be able to see because their visual field is limited.

Typical symptom of the aging of the lower eyelid is having "baggy eyes." This is partly due to the droopiness of the eyelid skin, and partly to the protruding fat tissue.

Dark circles around the eyes can be caused by many factors. The skull's eye sockets may appear due to the thinness of the skin or subcutaneous adipose tissue atrophy. Other times it might be the first sign of metabolic diseases (e.g. renal disease).

The surgical repair of these lesions is very well developed, highly impressive results can be achieved with a relatively small surgical intervention.

The procedure of eyelid surgery


The surgery is carried out under local anaesthesia. During surgery the correction of the upper or lower eyelids can be performed independently, but often a complete eyelid correction is required. This usually involves excision of the eyelid skin, which (especially in the case of lower eyelid correction) may be complemented with the partial removal or the complete reshaping of the fatty tissue behind it. In the case of dark circles, the injection of some filler material, e.g. the patient’s own fat may suffice.

Thanks to the anaesthesia the eyelid surgery is not painful. After the surgery the wound is covered with an adhesive tape, which does not interfere with vision.

Post-eyelid surgery period and expected results

Although smaller bruising is inevitable, it can quite readily be disguised with bigger sunglasses. The suture can be removed after 5 days. The wounds of the eyelids heal very nicely, the scar is barely visible after a few weeks.

Prices of eyelid surgery:

Type of surgery min. (€) max. (€)
Eyelid surgery (upper eyelids) 800.- 800.-
Eyelid surgery (lower eyelids) 900.- 900.-
Eyelid surgery (upper-lower) 1500.- 1500.-

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