Who is breast reduction recommended to?

Too large breast can cause not only aesthetic disadvantages but other problems such as back pain, dermatitis and fungal infection as well. This surgery can be performed at any age.


Technique of breast reduction

It is the „most serious” of all female breast surgeries. It requires careful planning and performing; takes much longer than other operations this is why it is almost always performed under general anaesthesia. Since large breasts are also drooping, breast reduction is always breast lifting as well. From the breast lifting methods , the turned T technique is applied.(see breast lifting) Prior to surgery we decide about the skin to be removed. The significant difference here is that not only skin is removed but some of the gland and fatty tissue as well. Then the brests are remodelled. Bigger operation means bigger wound so a drain is often left in the wound for a few days so that blood and fluids flow away. Closed with hidden suture,the wound is covered. The patient has to wear spors bra after surgery but there is no need for a bandage.

Risks of breast reduction

During this intervention the circulation and nerves of the breast are affected so complications are more frequent compared to breast lifting. In few cases healing problems, wound infection, temporary or permanent loss of feelings may appear.

Results of breast reduction

Results are very good if the surgery is planned and performed carefully. Physical pain disappears and the esthetic result is stunning. The result is durable: with the appropriate brest reduction drooping will not happen again.

The cost of cosmetic breast surgery

The price of breast surgeries varies considerably due to their diversity. The decisive factors are the duration and labour-intensity of the surgery, the cost of the material and the implants, and the type of the anaesthesia. For prices click here.

Type of surgery min. (€) max. (€)
Breast surgery (without implant ) 2500.- 3000.-
Breast augmentation (with implant) 3500.- 4000.-